We're glad to announce the first Winter School on Seed Functional Ecology, coordinated by Dott. Andrea Mondoni alongside three lecturers from European Universities.

It is a five days online course (25-29 January 2021), covering various topics of seeds functional ecology such as dispersion, persistence, germination and including statistical analysis session (mostly in R)

The school is promoted by the University of Pavia, with the support of the Doctorate in Earth and Environmental Sciences and the ISSS (International Society for Seed Science). Participation is recommended to PhD students and researchers and is accounted for the accreditation of 10 ECTS.

The Alpine Plant Conservation & Research Programme

The Alpine Seed Conservation and Research Network is part of the wider Millennium Seed Bank Partnership, initiated and run by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (United Kingdom). The network brings together partners from five plant science institutions housed at leading universities and botanic gardens across the Alps to deliver an integrated programme of conservation and research for alpine flora. The project started in December 2015 and its first phase will run until November 2018.

The partner institutions in Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland work together to achieve the main aims of the project, which are as follows:

  • Urgent ex-situ conservation of the region’s most endangered alpine community species
  • Dissemination of research on these species to aid conservation and restoration activities
  • Development of a conservation network to foster long-term co-operation and collaboration

The key outcomes of the project include the protection of over 500 species from the European Alps, the professionalization of seed specialists in the region, increased collaboration between plant science and conservation organisations across the region and public awareness of the value and vulnerability of the local flora.

For more information visit the project website:



LABECOVE, stands for Laboratory of Plant Ecology. It's a research team of the University of Pavia, lead by Professor Graziano Rossi. The laboratories are based at the historical botanic garden of Pavia. In almost 20 years of activities Professor Rossi and his team of researchers, collaborators and students have conducted numerous scientific projects, most of which with international collaborations, resulting in over 120 publications on international peer reviewed journals. LABECOVE started as a centre for the study of native plant species with the focus on phytosociology, taxonomy and ecology. With the establishment of the Seed Bank the range of activities and academic endeavours expanded to seed sciences, especially germination ecophysiology, conservation and reintroduction of rare and endangered species and the study of the effects of climate change and human impacts on the conservation of vulnerable ecosystems and plant species.

Read more: Labecove

Seed Vault 10 year anniversary Summit

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, in Norway has recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary. Prof. Graziano Rossi, was present at the summit, representing the University of Pavia in this collaborative global effort to preserve invaluable genetic agronomic resources for future generations. 

Read more: Seed Vault 10 year anniversary Summit

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